Internet Banking Mandatory Password Update

To ensure a smooth launch of our new Memberdirect internet banking service (coming this December), you will be required to update your password upon your next login to internet banking.

Your new password will have to meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 8 characters, maximum 20 characters

  • Only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and underscores ( _ )

  • Cannot contain your user ID

  • Cannot contain your OCCU account number

This will ensure that all of our members' passwords will meet the new minimum length of 8 characters (up from our current minimum of 6 characters) enforced by Memberdirect, and will avoid any login issues when the new service goes live.

If you forget your current password or are having any problems performing the password change, please call our office at 905-576-4200.